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Robert Louis Stevenson sites

Stirling University has an informative page on the Journal of Stevenson Studies at



The Robert Louis Stevenson page at Abacci Books. [Abbacci books is an Amazon affiliate, which presents the ‘plain vanilla’ Project Gutenberg list into a series of author pages with bio-bibliographical information, links to Amazon and Project Gutenberg. 10% of profits are donated to PG. You don't need an account to use the site, but having one will allow you to retain your booklist between visits and also post comments on the titles and authors.]


Encyclopedia Britannica: Robert Louis Stevenson article [Introduction - Early life - Romantic novels - Life in the South Seas - Assessment - Major Works - Tales and novels - Essays and miscellaneous - Poetry - Bibliography]

New Columbia Encyclopedia: Robert Louis Stevenson entry

Richard A. Boyle's long and detailed bio-bibliographical article

Andreas Teuber’s Stevenson pages – part of his ‘Coming into One’s Own: The Making of Modern Identity’ course at Brandeis University (Waltham, Mass.) (‘Much of the literature of the early modern period can be read as an attempt to give meaning to human activities whose reference points were no longer fixed in a stable system of deference and authority’). List of works, links, bio-bibliographical essay with emphasis on the essays and the variety of his output.

Cameron Peterson's ClassicNotes on Kidnapped (Grade Saver site): summaries, analyses, links

Faye Trecartin (John Abbot College): ‘slides’ on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from her course on ‘The Scientist in Literature’ (1999).

Penguin Classics site [a Stevenson search produces: biographical note - list of works - and background (from The Longman Anthology of British Literature nad The New Pelican Guide to English Literature) on The Cornhill Magazine(by R.G. Cox), the fin de siècle period (by Mike Jay and Michael Neve)]

Univ. S. Carolina (ed. Jason A. Pierce, based on the 1994 centenary exhibition curated by Patrick Scott & Roger Mortimer, with assistance from Bruce Bowlin): superb Robert Louis Stevenson on-line exhibit [biographical and bibliographical survey based on first-editions interesting later editions, photographs, illustrations and manuscripts]

The section of the Digital Library [images from the collection: photos, manuscripts, illustrations] on the National Library of Scotland’s website devoted to Robert Louis Stevenson

SLAINTE (Scottish Libraries across the Internet)'s Stevenson links page

Jenni Calder's overview Robert Louis Stevenson: Poet, Novelist and Essayist, 1850-1894 on the SLAINTE site (Scottish Libraries across the Internet)

STELLA (Software for Teaching English Language & Literature and its Assessment), University of Glasgow, Department of Scottish Literature: Scottish Literature… Bibliography… Robert Louis Stevenson

James Thin (Edinburgh Bookseller): longish bio-bibliography (with quotes) by Jennie Renton; Stevenson books in print and on-line ordering facilities

Ludovic's Robert Louis Stevenson French Page

Vianney Boissonade’s site of French translations and bilingual editions of works of Stevenson is hosted at

Freddy Stiévenart's bilingual French/English Sur le Chemin Stevenson (Travels-with-a-donkey route)

Calbertix bilingual French/English Randonner avec un âne en Cévennes (Travels-with-a-donkey route)

Background essay and documentation in French to the Suisee-romande radio programme ‘L’humeur vagabonde’: Robert-Louis Stevenson. Le dehors guerit!

Ursula Ritzmann’s Empty Glens site (in German) is dedicated to Scotland, Stevenson, Kidnapped, the Appin murder and Ursula’s novel Reise ohne Widerkehr (which involves time-travel, the Appin murder and Alan Breck Stewart).


Univ. S. Carolina (ed. Jason A. Pierce): Stevenson collection in the Thomas Cooper Library

Rosmarie Morgan's compilation of documents (mainly letters) concerning relations between Stevenson and Thomas Hardy, especially page 2 [Stevenson-Hardy correspondence, comments by S to others about H, and by H to others about S - interesting for S's dislike of Tess]

The literature resource site Pegasos by Petri Liukkonen of Finland has a longish Stevenson page

Apple bookshops - bio-bibliography

University of Toronto English Library Stevenson Page [brief bio-bibliographical note from Penguin Web Site]

Hugh Walker (19**). 'R. L. Stevenson'. [3-page life-and-works survey from The Cambridge history of English and American literature (1907-21) on the site]

Cyber Nation's RLS quotes

Art Glenn's RLS quotes

There are also links of interest on the page on this site devoted to Biographical Links.

Literature Network (much used by schoolchildren) has pages devoted to Jekyll and Hyde, The Black Arrow and Treasure Island.

La Máquina del Tiempo. Revista de Leteratura [internet periodical] 2 (‘Stevenson’) (1998) [Includes (short articles): ‘De Robert Louis Stevenson a Jean Renoir a través del Dr. Jekyll y Mister Hyde’ by Tomás Barna [film versions by Soffici, Fleming, Mamoulian and Renoir]; ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’ by Cesare Pavese [translation of the 1950 Unità article]; ‘R.L. Stevenson: El Pirata y la Bestia’ by Gustavo Famá. The photographic section contains several mistakes in captions.]


Universidada de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales: Short bio-bibliography in Spanish (from Encarta ecyclopedia) followed by links (one after the other, no menu) to Spanish translations of ‘Markheim’ ‘The Bottle Imp’ and ‘The Body Snatcher’ at


Adrià Gimeno Perales's student-project Web Page about Robert Louis Stevenson (2000-2001) at contains transcriptions of some interesting texts.


Enciclopedia Multimediale Attiva on the Zoom site (edited by Nanni Balestrini Maria Teresa Carbone) has a page in Italian on RLS with links and a selection of translations.  (part of SCAN, the Scottish Archives Network) has a site with transcripts of Scottish wills, including that of the entry in the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court Inventories of an inventory of RLS’s property and a transcript of the London probate of RLS’s 1893 will, both made by Chalres Baxter in 1897 at; the will of RLS’s grandfather, Robert Stevenson (died 1850) at Both of these are available free as documents on famous Scots; for the will of Thomas Stevenson, RLS’s father, however, you have to pay £5. Note that if you search for ‘Robert Stevenson’ and ‘Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson’ in the main database you are asked to pay £5 for each document, with no information that they are freely available on the ‘famous Scots’ part of the site – it’s not clear if the documents you pay for are identical to those freely available, but it seems so.


Enciclopedia Multimediale Attiva on the Zoom site (edited by Nanni Balestrini Maria Teresa Carbone) has a page in Italian on RLS with links and a selection of translations.


Jekyll and Hyde sites (see also the on-line studies page)

Martin Danahay's extremely interesting Perspectives on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde site contains on-line studies, background texts and illustrations – site for the moment no longer operative for reasons of revision and relocation on the server of another university.

Brittany Nelson's ClassicNote on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Grade Saver site): summaries, analyses, links

Alanna Knight's longish note on Jekyll and Hyde (with quotes) and list of her books on Stevenson

Novelguide's Jekyll and Hyde pages ['student notes'-type site: summary, character profiles, theme analysis, quotes, biography; not very subtle analysis]

Literature Network’s Jekyll and Hyde page [much used by schoolchildren]

Len Spencer in a part of the Transformation Scene from “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (the 1888 Bandmann stage version, corresponding to the end of the last chapter), issued by the Columbia Phonograph Company c. 1905.

Tim Lussier’s ‘Silents are Golden’ site has a special section dedicated to the 1920 silent film of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, starring John Barrymore, including a 1920 review, synopsis, commentary, scenes from the movie, and poster

A review of the Barrymore film by David Pierce’s Silent Film Sources site at

The Missing Link website dedicated to classic horror films has a very good page on early Jekyll and Hyde films at complete with links to additional information and streaming video and audio clips.


Bruce V. Edwards also provides summaries of the most important JH films on the Bad Cinema Diary site at


For full summaries of the main film and TV versions, see Kevin McCorry’s site at


Some good sumaries of Jekyll and Hyde films in Italian by Carla Cicognini on the Ciak Mania site at


An interesting study of Mamoulian’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931) from the point-of-view of cinematic techniques is George Turner’s ‘Two faced Treachery’, in the American Cinematographer Online Magazine, March 1999: <>.


The online version of Video Watchdog magazine has an interesting roundtable discussion (with further contributions invited) on film versions of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde between Bill Cooke, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman and Richard Harland Smith at


US Publisher Kaplan has a classroom edition of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with web-based teachers (vocabulary work on antonyms and a writing exercise in updating the setting and the language of a scene);jsessionid=KTBLESITVFIYNLA3AQJXBNFMDUCBE2HC


Treasure Island Sites

Brittany Nelson's ClassicNote on Treasure Island (Grade Saver site): summaries, analyses, links

UKOLN (UK Library & Information Networking) Treasure Island Pages [a project to explore how the Internet and Childrens' Libraries can be made to complement each other]

Franco, Anthony F. (2000). Pirates, Pieces of Eight and Pacific Nights. Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. ["a multidimensional unit designed for middle school English and Social Studies classes on the Golden Age of piracy during the early Eighteenth Century and the lure of treasure which beckoned seamen and landlubbers alike. The vehicle for exploration of these themes is the work of Robert Louis Stevenson through such classics as "Treasure Island," "Kidnapped," "The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and "A Child’s Garden of Verses."]

University of Brighton School of Design has a fascinating Visual Telling of Stories Website (edited by Chris Mullen,) containing a Treasure Island page (poster for the Disney film; versions of TrIs maps) and pages on maps and literary maps (including quotes from Stevenson).

Bristol 2008 Treasure Island site for ‘Treasure Island Week’ (3-9 March 2003).

Victorian studies sites

Northeast Victorian Studies Association's Victorian Sites

George P. Landow's Victorian Web

The VICTORIA discussion list's Victoria Research Web.

Mitsuharu Matsuoka's 19th Century British and Irish Authors

Matthieu Letourneux’s very interesting French site Le Roman d’aventures has a page devoted to Stevenson


Scottish Literature studies sites

University of South Carolina, Links to Scottish Literature Resources (ed. Jason A. Pierce)

University of South Carolina, Studies in Scottish Literature page and Scottish Literature home page (ed. Jason A. Pierce)

Scottish Arts Council, Association for Scottish Literary Studies and International Journal of Scottish Literature

University of Mainz: Scottish Studies Newsletter and Mainz Centre for Scottish Literature

University of Guelph, Canada: Scottish Studies page

Université de Grenoble 3 (Stendahl): Centre Etudes Ecossaises and Etudes Ecossaises

SCRAN, the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, is multimedia resource based in Edinburgh for human history and material culture in Scotland. Access is by annual subscription. Non-subscribers can see thumbnail images. A search for Robert Louis Stevenson gives numerous images and audio links.

SLAINTE (Scottish Libraries across the Internet)'s Gateway to Scottish Authors

National Library of Scotland: Catalogues & Online Resources (i) Online catalogues Main catalogue (NLS collection); or (ii) Additional Online Resources (a) Scottish Bibliographies online (bibliographical database of works dealing with Scotland &c., 1987- ) (b) BOSLIT (Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation)

Scottish Literature publishing sites

Edinburgh University Press. Information on the Centenary Edition of RLS and of the other EUP 'Critical Editions series' The Collected Works of James Hogg, The Edinburgh Editions of the Waverley novels, and the Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell from the EUP website at

Second hand book store and auction sites


For out-of-print works by RLS and to get an idea of how much your own books might be worth, you can look at the sites that unite the offers from second-hand book stores:


Advanced Book Exchange:





Steve Trussel's amazing site <> also contains a Book Collecting page which lists other second-hand book sites, as well as a form that allows you to search most of them simultaneously.


For bargains, you can consult the Robert Louis Stevenson offers at eBay auctions:


Antiquarian and Out-of-Print Books of Paisley, Scotland,  specializes in Scottish books and has an RLS page at



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